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Welcome to Yeshiva Mercaz Hatorah of Belle Harbor

Nestled in the safe and quiet residential community of Belle Harbor, New York – only a 20 minute drive from Brooklyn – Yeshiva Mercaz HaTorah offers the solitude of an out-of-town Yeshiva, away from the tumult and distractions of the city. The Yeshiva’s campus consists of three buildings – the main building housing the Beis Medrash, the high school dorm and the Beis Medrash dorm. The Yeshiva attracts talmidim locally from New York and New Jersey, as well as from many cities across North America, including: Chicago, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Toronto.

The 9th Grade Experience

Mercaz HaTorah bochurim are truly privileged to begin their ninth grade experience with Rabbi Yossi Goldstein, a mainstay of the Yeshiva for the past fifteen years. His warm and leibedik personality creates an engaging and exciting atmosphere in the classroom through which the bochurim attain a geshmak in their learning. Rabbi Goldstein’s dedication, the hours he devotes to his talmidim, and his bren for learning are all contributing factors to the growth and maturation of each and every talmid.

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